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Sell Leather Finished Products at LederMart : The First ever vertical Online B2B Marketplace that connects buyers and sellers featuring only leather finished products. It boasts leather products of supreme quality and offer large selection of anything and everything on pure leather. It is a hybrid marketplace, offering products leather products manufacturer and brands while also providing a platform for buyers and sellers to transact through LederMart either on their own or with LedeMart’s assistance of various types. LederMart offers complete range for products manufactured from the finest quality leather, handmade by trained skilled craftsmen. LederMart is one-stop-place online marketplace with largest selection of leather bags for women, leather jackets, Innovative bags, leather garments, leather bags for men, laptop bags, wallets, clutches, duffel, messenger, sling and crossbody bags, besides large collection of leather accessories and daily essential goods made from pure and genuine leather. Every product listed in LederMart is offered one/multiple copies for sale while on the other hand option for buyers to buy in bulk. Bulk pricing is negotiated between the buyer and seller of a specific shop based on quantity, materials used, features and the fulfilment time. Interested in Opening LederMart Showroom?

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Reason for LederMart Marketplace :

Buying from horizontal marketplace like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart etc, buyers often get lost in thousands of products of different categories. Searching leather goods they want is a big challenge, while at vertical marketplace like LederMart, products offered are only made from pure leather. They can see all probable options ( design, material, vendors, price comparability, ease of use) in the specific category within leather vertical. We realised customers had to hunt for their required leather items from thousands of different categories in different horizontal marketplaces, often they miss out what they require and end up ordering items which they didn’t perceive what they actually wanted, we realized there has to be single place, a single platform where they can look for their desired category for leather items, gain confidence from suppliers having decades of experience manufacturing leather goods, until then on December 22, 2018, was born, The World’s First B2B/B2C Online Marketplace for Leather Finished Products.First B2B Online Marketplace for Finished Leather Goods

Mission Statement : Discovering anything and everything in leather all in one place.

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